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Thailand Travel Guide - Information to Help You Plan Your Trip to Thailand

Pang Nga Bay Thailand

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a lush and tropical country full of culture, beauty, and history. Thailand is a kingdom, and has the most recorded reigns of any other country in the world. It is the 51st largest country in the world, with a population of 64 million people.

Amazing Thailand's Many Attractions

Thailand is booming as a destination because it has many interesting and memorable tourist attractions. When it comes to tourism, the country is often referred to as "Amazing Thailand". It has become the countries international slogan. There are many historical sites to see such as temples and ancient ruins. There is also a wide variety of beaches and tropical hot spots. Thailand has something for everybody.

This country is bursting at the seams with attractions. The capital city, Bangkok, has more than enough to keep you busy during your trip. You can visit The Grand Palace, an amazing building and a part of Thailand's history, it served as the home to royalty. Bangkok is also where you will find much of Thailand's wild and thriving nightlife. In this city you can find everything from a floating market, to a huge underwater tunnel.

As you explore more of Thailand, there is even more for you to see. Anyone who visits must see Ayuthaya during their trip. This was the capital of Thailand until it was destroyed by invaders. The ruins still stand and are a unique window into Thailand's history.

Thailand also has many natural beauties. You can take part in all sorts of activities, such as rock climbing and scuba diving. And you'll be doing this in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Climate of Thailand

Thailand is typically a very tropical country. You'll find lush locations with exotic plant life. It can also be very humid.

The main thing to take note of is the monsoons. These are "wet seasons" in which there can be huge amounts of rain on a regular basis. This can interfere with or even prevent travel. If nothing else, it can spoil a day of sightseeing.

The monsoons come at different times depending on which part of Thailand you're visiting. Typically, the west coast monsoon will take place between April and October. While the east coast monsoon will take place between September and December.

Health & Safety

When visiting a foreign country, you want to learn about any potential dangers or health that you will need to be avoid. Luckily, Thailand is one of the safest foreign countries to visit. There is nothing outstanding of note as far as crime of health issues. Still, you should follow all the basic precautions when it comes to traveling in general.

Never carry too much money on your person. Any money you do have shoulder be in an area that cannot be accessed easily by pickpockets. Avoid wearing fancy jewelry or wrist watches.

Be careful when selecting food and drink. It's better to focus on restaurants that are used to catering tourists. Never drink tap water unless you boil it first. Try to stick to bottled water whenever you can.

One small thing to note about Thailand specifically is the small monkeys that can be found there. These can be an entirely different breed of pick-pocket (and I mean different breed literally). They're small and cute, but they have a tendency to steal food and all sorts of personal items. For example, don't let them reach out and grab your glasses. You may think it's cute at first, but it won't be so cute when the monkey scrambles up a tree and shows no intention of giving them back.

Thailand is a truly amazing country. The many diverse tourist attractions have well earned it the nickname
"Amazing Thailand". But you won't know just how amazing it is until you go for yourself. Rather you just want to enjoy some peaceful history, rock climb in the tropics, or party like there's no tomorrow, Thailand is the place for you.

Holidays and Festivals

Make sure you are aware of holidays and special events before you visit it. Any major holidays you don't know about can interfere with your trip. Many Thailand festivals can be enjoyable to tourists, though. In fact, Thailand's celebrations have played a part in making it a major tourist country. Many of these are unique, and fun for both spectators and participants.

In March there is a kite flying festival. Kite flying is an old tradition in Thailand, and you're certain to see many exotic and beautiful designs fill the skies. Speaking of beauty in the skies, Thailand also has huge rocket festival that takes place during the second weekend in May.

Chinese New Year is a huge celebration in Thailand, even though it is not an official holiday.

Perhaps the most interesting of them all is The Monkey Banquet. Thailand is famous for their small monkeys. To honor these little fellows for their contribution in bringing in tourists, the locals throw a huge banquet for them. Tables are filled with food and then the people step back and let the monkeys enjoy themselves. This isn't something you can see every day or probably anywhere else!

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