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Taiwan Travel Sites

Taiwan, known in the past as Formosa, is located in East Asia and in the southeastern coastline of China’s mainland. This beautiful island has a lot to offer to every traveler who wants to enjoy the tropical climate on the west coast of Taiwan, historic attractions and many more. Look through on the travel sites below for more information on how beautiful the island of Taiwan is. Remember, you will need a valid passport to enter the country but no visa is required for visits up to 30 days. A visa to China is required if you plan to visit the mainland. Learning some of the language can significantly improve your travel experience. One of the best courses we know offers 6 FREE Chinese Lessons.

Travel Sites about Taiwan

This online travel site known as Taiwan the Heart of Asia extends their help to individuals from around across the globe experience the beauty of Taiwan. This site offers complete information, suggestions and photos of different places of this country.

Go 2 Taiwan is a travel guide that absolutely caters to all the needs of travelers. They aim to make your vacation in Taiwan memorable as they provide high quality service during your tour in Taiwan.

T2Taiwan is an online travel service agency that provides full assistance to individuals and groups who would like to go to Taiwan. Their service would include travel packages, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and tour to different tourist spots.

Taiwan Travel Guides
A vacation guide with rich information about Taiwan, its rich culture and the different tourist sights, shopping bazaars and tips. Visit this travel guide for more information about the superb beauty of Taiwan.

Travel Sites about Cities in Taiwan

Taiwan Government is a site that introduces Taiwan’s government to tourists. This site also contains information that encourages visitors to tour Taiwan safely by being equipped with basic facts the site offers to them.

Taipei, located on the northern point of Taiwan, is the capital city of Taiwan. Learn more about the remarkable city of Taipei by browsing this travel site regarding the government, history, demography, tourism and the rich culture of Taipei.

Discover Taiwan’s rich agriculture by browsing this very helpful website. You can learn a lot from this site because it has loads of information in terms of   cultivation of the land of Taiwan.

Taichung, known as Central Taiwan, is a municipality situated at west central Taiwan. This travel guide welcomes visitors, like you, in the breathtaking city of Taichung.

Kenting National Park, renowned as Taiwan’s first national park, boasts its natural beauty to everyone who comes in this place for pleasure. This very accommodating online travel site aims to make your vacation Kenting National Park a tremendous one.

Taroko National Park, named after Taroko Gorge, is known to be one of the seven most popular national parks in Taiwan. Visit this travel guide and experience for yourself the enjoyment this place brings to each and every visitor.

A travel site that is known as Sheipa Leisure Farm assists travelers from across the globe experience the greatest accommodation after their visit to Sheipa National Park or any other spots nearby. Browse this site for more information.

Taiwan Secrets
From a personal point of view, discover Taiwan’s top 10 most-loved places in the country. Not only that you will find the top attractions in this site, this will also serve as a travel guide for you that will definitely help you plan your travel to Taiwan.

Eating China
Discover the Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines by browsing this site. You will find this site useful when you plan to visit Taiwan as it presents the unique and delicious foods Taiwan could offer to its visitors.

Taiwan Hotels
Hotels Combined enables you to find hotels in different regions of Taiwan. Visit this site and use it as a guide when you plan your vacation to Taiwan.

Travel Kaohsiung
This site serves as a vacation guide to the visitors of the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. This site contains lots of information about the city’s tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, and other helpful and pertinent facts about the city.

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