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 Taiwan Visa Guide

Planning a vacation to Taipei Taiwan? The following videos of Taipei tours will help give you idea of what you can expect to see and do in the capital of Taiwan.

While you're in Taipei, it would be a big mistake not to include a visit to Taipei 101, which isn't a college course but actually the world's tallest building. (Some reports dispute this, citing various factors such as counting spires, have/doesn't have observation decks, etc.) The Taiwanese are understandably proud of the fact that this edifice includes the world's fastest elevator, which takes passengers from the ground level to the observation deck.

Taipei 101 Video

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Popular Tourist Attractions in Taipei

Rainy Day Tour of Taipei

While you won't see a lot of popular tourist locations in the following video, you will catch a glimpse of city from a car. Pass by building, parks, people and signs in this short clip.

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