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South Korea Travel Links

General South Korea Information

Run by the Korean Overseas Information Service (KOIS) of the Government Information Agency, it serves as a gateway of information about Korea, offering a convenient and user-friendly environment.

South Korea Travel Guides

Lonely Planet's South Korea Guide
Introduction to South Korea including history and culture, activities and events, when to go and how much to expect to spend.


Korean Air
Korean Air is a world class airline. Visit their web site for information about flights to Korea and other Asian countries.

Korean Rail
Korea Railroad is composed of a broad Network throughout Korea, unlike other public transportation; it is operated under a tight schedule, and provides a way to visit all the tourist attractions all over Korea, which makes your travel safe and pleasurable.

Korean Bus
Express Bus Operating Information provides real time information and all operating information of the date you choose.

Seoul Subway
Detailed map with routes of subway in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

South Korea Embassy & Consulates in U.S.

South Korea Embassy in USA
Republic of Korea Embassy In Washington, D.C.
2320 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 939-5653
Fax: (202) 342-1597

List of Consulate Generals for South Korea


International Dialing Codes
Find country codes, International Direct Dialing prefixes and National Direct Dialing prefix for South Korea and other countries.


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Apply Online for Your South Korea Travel Visa
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Health & Safety

CDC Traveler's Health Page for Korea, Republic of (South)

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