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Sapa, Vietnam: A Place to See Before You Die

by Huong Emilie - Travel writer - Threeland Indochina Travel
(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Ruong Bac Thang

Ruong Bac Thang

If you wish to escape from this busy life and take a rest for awhile, you should visit Sapa – a mountainous province in Vietnam – which is near the base of mount Fansipan, the highest mountain in Vietnam/ South East Asia. This place has a wide range of mountains and jungles, such typically as mount Ham Rong and Hoang Lien Son forest, which provide an abundant biological diversity.

The morning in Sapa will send you a warm greeting with the fresh air - no dust, no noise - only cool winds delicately stroking your face. If you get here by car, you will have a chance to see the close-up of the green-terraced rice fields gently embracing the hillside. One is followed by the other, like a fairy's scarf that is forgotten in the wind. Simply looking through the glass window, after over an hour, you will reach Sapa center.

At first, you will be impressed with the Cathedral – one of the astounding French style architectures in the center. Opposite to the church, the Big Square is often crowded with people who are busy preparing for the market opening. A particular thing that you cannot skip through is the famous Love Market only celebrated by this beautiful region’s inhabitants.

Sapa is also well-known with a lot of mountainous specialties, from food to souvenirs. Certainly, it is hard to resist the attraction of these stunning pieces and you will not hesitate to buy a little nice thing for yourself. Here come many beautiful colorful gowns of Hmong and Red Dao women, which are sold everywhere. But what makes them even more special is the image of those women who are painstakingly with each stitch to create these products. They sew, embroider and then
sell the new clothing at the same time.

You should not leave Sapa without visiting the tribes and experiencing a taste of life in the highlands here. One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip is taking a long walk to the local villages. It is not a normal clean and paved road, but a small path along the hillside with thickset trees. That the challenging destination is seemingly hard to overcome is worth exploring. Some sections pass the gentle slope, while other is just a small walkway across one side of the cliff or some small streams. The road ends with green rice fields waving welcome.

If you are looking to something challenging and astonishing, there is no better way than to rent a motorbike to get to Silver Waterfall, which is about 14 km from Sapa center. The wonderful bird-eye view from the top of the waterfall will provide you the exquisite scene of pure white water and clouds blurred in the velvet sky, crowded together flowing down the mountainside, and splashing onto the rocks. It will surely make any sight-seer catch a glimpse of heaven.

When you come back, many delicious dishes will be the mementos of your holidays. You will not forget the dynamic atmosphere of the fire camping and the taste of Hmong chickens and pigs, the barbecue parties, roasted corn, grilled beads and many other finger foods here. The local nearby restaurants will definitely work wonders for any tired traveler.

By making an appropriate plan, Sapa will be one of the best choices to seize the minute of your vacation within an all-inclusive trip. If you would like to have access to the best travel service to receive tips or advices, please visit Threeland – Vietnam Indochina Travel.

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