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Popular Destinations in the Ukraine

The Ukraine often doesn't get all the publicity it deserves. Many people just think of it as one of those satellite states of the former Soviet Union before the collapse. But its history is much richer than that.

Did you know that during the eleventh century, Kyiv found itself the largest city in all of Europe? It featured more than four hundred places of worship, and was populated by fifty thousand citizens. At the same time, London's population was twenty thousand. So what destinations will awe you?

Kyiv - Formally Known as Kiev

Kyiv is the capital of the Ukraine which makes it a likely spot to begin your vacation. It was occupied by Kievan Rus regime during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Kyiv was a focus of trade between the Mediterranean and the Baltic. It wasn't to last.

Kyiv, and with it Kievan Rus' power, were decimated in 1240 by the Mongol hordes and the Kievan Rus lands were eventually carved up into the principalities of Muscovy, Galicia, Russia, Volynia, Poland, and Lithuania.

Odessa Ukraine Egg ArtOdessa, the Pearl of the Black Sea

Odessa is the third largest city in all of the Ukraine and renowned to resort-goers for its warm sea water and pastel buildings. Odessa is actually a planned city. F. Devollan designed the city late in the 18th century. Then his plan was executed by numerous architects in the years that followed.

Money was funneled into Odessa by mansion-building merchants, who were drawn to the area by the lucrative grain trade. During the Soviet communist domination, the port served as a naval base. Today it continues in that role, but serves the Ukrainian navy.

It is widely enjoyed for seaside vacations, and visits to the Tolstoy Palace and the Odessa Numismatics Museum. This incredible museum traces history via coins and other relics.

Kamyanets-Podilsky, One of the Oldest Cities in the Ukraine

Kamyanets-Podilsky is a one-of-a kind city; it's a rocky island jutting out of a tight loop in the Smotrich River in a canyon. Until recently, the age of the city was just a matter of speculation. But it has now been established that it was built by the Dacians during the Roman-Dacian wars. This puts its establishment as early as the eleventh century!

Over the years, various invaders occupied the city because its location and construction made it an easy to defend natural stronghold. Some of these were Lithuanian feudal lords, Poles, and Turks.

Rather than multiple attractions that other destinations boast of, the entire fortress is the attraction. Take time to explore it.

Carpathian Mountains UkraineThe Carpathian Mountains: the Green Pearl of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Carpathians feature lovely, gentle peaks that climb as high as Mt. Hoverla's awesome 6760 feet. The inspiring view offers a combination of green forests and rugged stone.

The mountain's largest resorts can be found in Dragobrat, Slavsko, Tysovets, and Bukovel. At any one of them you can enjoy being pampered in the evening while enjoying outdoor activities during the day.

The Carpathian Mountains are the vacation spot for the outdoor activity type of tourist. Whether you prefer cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, or horseback riding, this is the place for you.

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