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Passport & Travel Information Articles

Have Passport. Will Travel

The travel articles below are filled with tips and information to help you plan your trip. You'll find insightful ideas for travel destinations around the world, international travel tips and articles about the passport application process.

Passport Information Articles

How much does a passport cost?
Want to know how much it costs to get a passport? This page lists all the fees, including those for file searches, overnight delivery and more.

How long does it take to get a passport?
List of application processing times according to the when and where the form is submitted.

Why You Need a New Passport Cover
Discover why and how to protect your passport and personal information in your passport's unique RFID chips.

Top 5 Questions About Expedited Passport Couriers

Travel Information Articles

23 International Travel Savings Tactics
Discover some of the best ways to cut cost on travel expenses so you can go more and stay longer.

Is a Home-Based Travel Agency a Good Business Opportunity
Thinking about running a travel agency from your home? You may change your mind after reading this.

The Ultimate Jet Lag Survival Guide
Jet lag is almost certain if you travel across several time zones. Discover how to minimize the effects of jet lag for every age group and ensure a more rewarding family trip.

Airport Security Scans - What You Need to Know Before You Fly
Information about airport security scans. Prepare for airport security checkpoints before you ever leave home.

Plan for a Safe Trip Abroad
When you travel abroad, the odds are in your favor that you will have a safe and incident-free trip. Travelers are, however, sometimes victimized by crime and violence, or experience unexpected difficulties. Discover tips and advice on how to keep you and your family safe when traveling.

No Visa Required
List of countries where no travel visa is required for a visit.

Travel Destination Articles

Travel to India
Discover travel documents required, travel restrictions, places of interest, and much more to help you plan your trip to India.

China Travel Tips
How to prepare for a safe and memorable trip to China. Includes entry requirements, health issues, top tourist attractions and other important information.

Ukraine Travel Guide
Get to know the fascinating country of Ukraine, including holidays, festivals, attractions, climate and more.

Plan Your Trip to Thailand
When is the best time to go? What are the entry requirements? Where should I travel? Get answers to these and many more questions.

Unspoiled Caribbean: 5 Hot Destinations
Want to escape the croweds and enjoy beautiful islands beaches with far fewer tourists? Check out these 5 locations.

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