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Passport Services in Aurora, Colorado

Passport services in Aurora include local application acceptance facilities, a regional agency and registered expediters. If you need to get a passport in Aurora, choose the option below that best fits your needs.

Aurora Passport Offices

There is only one Aurora passport office where those who live in or around the city can submit applications for a new passport. An agent at this location will review documents, administer an oath and witness the signing of the application form DS-11. Applicants can request standard processing in order to get their passport in up to 6 weeks, 8 weeks or more depending on the demand at time of application. Expedited service can also be requested for an additional fee. This will get the application processed in only 2-3 weeks. For faster service, it is necessary to select one of the options below.

Colorado Passport Agency in Aurora

Applications can be submitted at the Colorado Passport Agency for Americans whose departure date is within 14 days or, even, within 28 days if they also need to acquire entry visas. Evidence of urgent travel is required as is an appointment. This can be set up by calling the automated appointment system at 1-877-487-2778. Lines are often congested so it can take several attempts to get through.

It is important to arrive at the processing center a few minutes prior to your appointment so that you can pass through the security check. Note, however, that arriving late could result to the cancelation of your appointment. Make sure you have the correct form and proper supporting documents so that you can avoid delays in the process. You can get your passport the same day if necessary at the regional agency.

Aurora Passport Expediting Services

Aurora passport expediting services are registered with the regional agency of the United States Department of State. Expediters can be authorized to submit passport applications for United States citizens who do not have the time nor desire to do so themselves. They can get your passport processed and delivered the same day in some situations and, more frequently, within 24-48 hours. If you have an emergency and need to obtain your passport quickly, use a passport expediting service.

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