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Passport Renewal and Visa to Enter the United States

by John
(Suva, Fiji)

Question: My son and I would like to attend my only daughter's wedding on June 11 in the States and was hoping to leave on June 6.

My passport expired in five years ago and my son's 2 years ago. We applied for new passports last March at the Fiji Immigration and were to have received it in April, allowing us enough time to apply for visas and do our flight bookings but then we were informed that the new passports will not arrive into the country until late May and no date has been confirmed. We have tried for the extension and also written to the Director but this has been declined and we are worried that we will not make it to the wedding as everything has been arranged and paid for.

Can we still apply for our visas so we can make travel arrangements and if the passports still have not arrived by the time we would like to leave, does the Embassy have any other form of documentation to travel with?

Answer: Citizens of Fiji are required to obtain a non-immigrant visa in order to visit the United States. There is a minimum of 24 hour processing time for visas so you could pick up your visa the day after the interview if you are approved.

It seems that you have two
options. One, you can make reservations to travel at the beginning of June, complete the online visa application form and schedule your interview if there is an opening, thereby giving you the maximum amount of time for your passports to arrive. Two, you can wait until your passports arrive in order to complete the online form and schedule the interview, running the risk that there will be no available opening before your departure date.

Click the link below to complete the online application form and schedule your interview. There is also a link to change or cancel an interview date if you need to.

DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form

You will need the following when you go to the interview.

1. Valid Passport.
2. Application Form DS-160 Confirmation.
3. Passport-style photo
4. Visa Fee Payment Receipt
5. EMS Prepaid Courier Envelope (unless you plan to pick it up)
6. Supporting Documentation

You must prove you have strong financial, employment and/or family ties to Fiji as well as legal intent, credible plans, and sufficient resources for the period of travel in the United States. Finally, you must show that you will not need or seek unauthorized employment, studies, or public support during your stay. Each applicant must establish eligibility for a visa based on his/her own merits.

For more information, contact the U.S. Embassy in Fiji - Suva

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