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Passport Name Change For Adopted Child

by Steve
(Allentown, PA, USA)

Question: I've read conflicting reports. One states the adopted child needs a complete new passport. Another states the existing passport can be mailed in with documentation. My daughter was born a U.S. citizen. Her surname on her current passport is pre-adoption. Additionally, we need this in about three weeks.

Can you help? Thanks.

Answer: Passports issued to minors can neither be renewed by mail nor amended. The minor must appear in person with both parents at a passport application acceptance facility in order to apply for a new passport. Click the link below for a complete list of requirements.

Passport for Minor

There are currently two passport offices in our database that are located in Allentown. Contact information is provided below.

Allentown -Airport Rd Station Post Office
1000 Postal Rd
Allentown PA 18109
(610) 266-5284
By Appointment Only

Lehigh County Clerk of Judicial Records
455 W Hamilton St
Allentown PA 18101-1614
(610) 782-3148
Mon-Fri 9:00-3:00

For other locations, see the list of Pennsylvania Passport Offices

You can request expedited service at the application acceptance facility in Allentown. It can take up to 3 weeks for expedited processing so the passport may not be delivered in time for your trip. There are only two ways to guarantee that you will get your daughter's passport in time. One, you can schedule an appointment at the Philadelphia Passport Agency. Click the link below for more information.

Philadelphia Passport Agency

Two, you can employ the services of a registered expediter. In this case, you still need to take your daughter to a local application acceptance facility in order to have the application adjudicated. However, instead of mailing the sealed package directly to the Department of State, you will send it to the expediting service. Click the link below for more information.

Expedited Passport Service

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