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Name Change on Passport not due to Marriage

Question: The name on my current passport is the same as the name on my birth certificate. I was born outside of the United States and immigrated to the US 50 years ago and am a naturalized citizen.

All other documentation and legal identification (driver's license, social security card, personal banking accounts, insurance policies, etc) are in my "Americanized" name, and have been for most of my life.

Now that I am retired, I am experiencing some difficulties renewing my legal identification and getting retirement benefits because of the difference in names between my passport and my other identification.

Can I change the name on my passport to my "Americanized" name? Do I need an official court approved name change document to do this, or can I use my social security card and drivers license as proof of the use of my name?

Answer: Having a court order facilitates things and is encouraged by many lawyers. However, it is not impossible to get the name changed in your passport without one.

You can request a passport a passport written in the assumed name providing you have been known exclusively by this name for at least five years.

It is necessary to present acceptable identification in the assumed name together with public documents as described below showing the use of the assumed name for at least five years.

All applications for a change of name must be accompanied by at least three pieces of acceptable identification:

1. Early school records
2. Employment records
3. Tax records
4. Military records
5. Medicare records
6. Driving license
7. Bank books
8. Federal, State or Local government cards
9. Deeds of property
10. Insurance records

In addition, you must submit "Statement of Witness in Support of Change of Name" executed by two or more persons who can attest to the the exclusive use of the assumed name for at least five years.

These statements may be executed by relatives, close friends, or business associates. Witnesses will need to accompany you to the passport office in order that their statements may be prepared and sworn to before a Consular Officer.

The witnesses will need to produce some form of legal (photo) identification, preferably their own passports. Affidavits will be executed free of charge. You will also be required to execute your own sworn statement confirming the usage of the assumed name.

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Name change I got married
by: DianaAnonymous

Question: I got married in December 2017. I am still using my passport with my old married name. When my passport expire can I renew my passport using my old married name instead of my married name.

Answer: Yes, you can.

Name change to my maiden name after marriage
by: Diana Anonymous

Question: I was married in December 2017 but still using my old name. When my passport expires, can still use my old name when I renew my passport.

Answer: Yes, you can.

Name change after marriage
by: Diana Anonymous

Question: I was married in December 2017 but I am still using my old name. I will be traveling soon to the Caribbean using my passport with my old name . Will I have problems getting back into the USA?

Answer: No, Diana. You will not have issues.

Change middle name
by: Anonymous

Question: I want to change my middle name to my birth middle name. Do I have to have a court order for this? It is on two past passports and my school records and my birth certificate.

Thank you.

Answer: Please call 1-877-487-2778 to speak with a customer service representative.

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