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Getting a Million Dollar Passport

Filming Reality TV Show
Filming Reality TV Show by macor on Deposit Photos

The ability to become famous and get the fortunes many only dream about used to be a lot more difficult, that is until reality television entered the scene. In 1994 everything about Hollywood and what it took to become famous changed drastically with a little reality show called, The Real World. This was the catalyst that revealed people enjoying the drama and chaos of reality far more than scripted shows and movies.

The popularity of The Real World has made it so there are more reality television shows than sitcoms and dramas. People can now tune in weekly to everything from shows featuring everything from the creativity  of professional chefs to the drunken shenanigans of people hanging out at the Jersey Shore. The most popular types of reality shows are those where people compete in one fashion or another for the chance to win money and prizes.

Shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race are among the highest rated reality shows. Contestants compete for a large cash prize, enduring some seriously daunting tasks that test their physical, mental, and emotional mettle. Viewers can't get enough of watching Average Joe have a chance at becoming a millionaire and changing his life in an extraordinary way. Many people jump at the chance to audition for these shows hoping to make it on, but sometimes not realizing that acceptance requires having a valid passport.

The shows are always filmed in foreign countries, making a passport an absolute requirement. You cannot show up at an audition without a passport or proof that you've applied for one. Even though a passport application is considered good enough to audition, they take potential contestants with passports more seriously than those without them.

So what happens if you find out about last minute auditions in your city, and you have no passport? That's simple; apply for an expedited passport, so your only concern will be wowing the casting representatives. It might seem like a daunting task, but a registered expeditor can make the process easier for you. Find one that has an excellent reputation with the BBB, and you will have a passport within twenty four to seventy-two hours, instead fo the usual four to six weeks, depending on your urgency.

Once you find a passport courier service simply apply online with your name, address, delivery option, travel itinerary, and payment details. You should understand that with an expedited passport you will be paying more; sometimes much more depending on how fast you need it. Fill out a DS-11 form, print but don't sign it, add a passport photo, an original certified birth certificate, and a copy of your driver's license or other photo ID. Take the completed packet to the nearest application acceptance facility. Inform the acceptance agent that you plan to have a registered expeditor hand deliver your application. You'll need to include an authorization letter for the courier service in the sealed envelope and send a copy directly. Mail the packet to your expeditor using an overnight service, or hand deliver it if they have an office in your city.

If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid for at least six months beyond the dates of the show. If not, apply for an expedited renewal using the same online process. Mail Form DS-82, your current undamaged passport, one passport photo, a certified name change document if necessary, and your application fee by express overnight delivery or hand carry it to the expeditor's office. Once you have your passport situation in order, all you have left to do is figure out how you'll stand out from the competition to get your shot at winning a million dollars!

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