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How To Purchase A Truly Low Cost Airline Ticket!

Low cost airline tickets are what everybody wants. Nobody wants to pay more for an air ticket than they should. We all want the most value from our hard earned dollar, right?

Not all booking engines are created equal

I need to explain something in detail here. Most of the booking engines online are directly connected to the airlines Central Reservation Systems (CRS), especially if it's for domestic USA tickets.

What does that mean? The CRS are the RETAIL fares the airlines PUBLISH to the buying public. They are the highest rates. You won't find a low cost airline ticket here. 

This is a little known secret most of the buying public knows nothing about. The true path to a low cost airline ticket.

For instance, the booking engine we use on our family of sites does not contain the airlines published retail fares. Rather it pulls from a database of more than 8 million wholesale fares. Also known as consolidator, bulk or contract fares.

These types of low cost airline tickets can be as much as 70% below the airlines published retail fares. Let me ask you a question, "Which fare would you rather purchase, wholesale or retail?"

Example of the difference between wholesale & retail

Recently, I searched for a fare from New York to Paris on Orbitz, one of the supposed leading low cost airline ticket web sites. The travel days were Thursday to Thursday in August ( low cost airline tickets are almost always found when you travel in both directions Monday thru Thursday ). Anyway, Orbitz returned a fare of $844.38 plus the taxes. I then did a fare search on our site, same days & city pair to be fair, and our search yielded a fare of $457 plus taxes. A savings of $387.38!

Consolidator Fares vs. Retail Fares (Round Trip, Sept. 2016)
Flight Consolidators Orbitz.com Savings
NYC to London $439 $839 $400
WAS to Paris $525 $1,031 $506
MIA to Rio $789 $841 $52
DFW to Frankfurt $827 $1,037 $210
LAX to Hong Kong $357 $540 $183
SFO to Beijing $457 $653 $196

Also, not all consolidator fares are found online! Like I said, some databases online contains 8 million consolidator fares to just about anywhere in the world. But we have other contracts that are not allowed by the rules of an airline to be put in the online database. And some of the time, those fares are LESS than those offered online! That means that a low cost airline ticket can not always be found online.

The trick to getting a truly low cost airline ticket is to find an agency that sells from the wholesale database. There are many but not all agencies do. So, be sure and ask if your really interested in a low cost airline ticket.

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