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Kenya Travel Site

The Republic of Kenya is a country situated in East Africa. It is undoubtedly a beautiful land that has outstanding and captivating flora and fauna. Indeed, tourism is the top leading foreign exchange earning division in Kenya. Discover Kenya’s breathe taking loveliness with the help of the different travel and tour websites listed below. Remember, you will need a valid passport and a visa to Kenya to enter the country.

Travel Sites about Kenya

Enter Kenya
This travel website helps the visitors from different countries to experience the wildlife and extraordinary opportunities in Kenya. They provide clients with information on the history and various adventure destinations that can be offered by Kenya.

Kenya is a travel guide that always looks after their clients’ interests. This site offers a variety of amazing destinations, and lodging accommodations to ensure their clients’ happiness during their visit.

Magical Kenya
This travel guide is known as the Magical Kenya that provides people with information about Kenya’s nature, culture, topography, climate and tourist destinations. Visit this site to discover the magnificent country of Kenya.

Travel Discover Kenya welcomes their visitors to their travel site with useful facts about the different regions of Kenya. Also, you are provided by this travel site with the cities’ accommodations and fascinating travel ideas.

Travel Sites about Cities in Kenya

Nairobi Kenya
A travel guide that contains a lot of information about Nairobi, Kenya. Drop by on this website to determine the reason why this city is ranked to be the first on the list of best cities in Kenya.

Mombasa Info
Discover the marine life and exotic beaches in Mombasa by dropping by on This travel site helps you in gaining information about one of Kenya’s most visited cities: Mombasa.

Diani Beach is a travel guide that provides visitors with facts about one of the planet’s finest beach havens, the Diani Beach in Kenya. Just Click the “Welcome” button in this travel website and find the needed information for your vacation in the lovely Diani Beach.

Malindi - Kenya
Malindi is a highly regarded tourist destination in Kenya. So, visit this site because Malindi is not only known for its numerous interesting places that you can visit, but is also famous for the welcoming approach and hospitality of the people living in the city.

Masai Mara
Masai Mara is an open grassland perfect for a breathtaking wildlife experience. In this site you will discover and learn Kenya’s wildlife reserve known as the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Lake Nakuru Lodge
This online travel guide offers comfortable accommodations for all who plan to visit the Lake Nakuru National Park. Visit their website and see for yourself a variety of interesting activities you will enjoy.

Lake Baringo
See what Lake Baringo can offer to its visitors by visiting this vacation website. is a travel guide where you can find helpful facts when planning a visit to Lake Baringo.

Kenya Wildlife Service
Learn about how Kenya manage and conserve their wildlife by dropping by on this travel site. Dozens of parks, reserves, and wildlife adventures await those who love to experience the splendid beauty of Kenya.

Kenya Odyssey
Kenya Odyssey is trip guide complete information about Kenya’s travel destinations. It also aims to help you in planning your dream vacation in this beautiful country.

Kenya Safari Guide
This vacation site to Kenya helps travelers in maximizing their visit by offering them with different useful information and tourist attractions. It will be of big help to those who want to visit Kenya with their thrilling guidelines.

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