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JetBlue's Exciting New Take on Premier Travel with Mint Class

At a time when some discount airlines are considering adding vertical seat sections to their cabins to pack in the passengers and improve profitability, Jet Blue is taking a different approach. They recently debuted their new A-321 aircraft making transcontinental flights from New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA. The planes feature more legroom for core seats, and Mint (first class) cabins that offer mind-blowing premium amenities at prices even leisure travelers can afford. If you've always wanted to fly first-class, but resisted the four-digit price tag, JetBlue Mint is your chance to experience the best there is at an affordable $599 one-way.

Lie-flat Seats and Suites Accommodate the Even Big and Tall

The lie-flat sleeper seats are the most fascinating feature of the new Mint cabin. Double seats are 20 inches wide. Single suite seats are up to 22.3 inches wide, which beats its transcontinental competitors. All seats can accommodate a passenger up to 6"8' tall. The seats not only lie completely flat, but have an adjustable firmness control and massage options. There are 16 of these wider, more comfy leather seats, twelve of which are aisle/window pairs, and four of which are single person suites on either side of the aisle in rows two and four with sliding doors for complete in-flight privacy.

A World of In-Flight Entertainment is at Your Fingertips

Your Mint cocoon of personal luxury features your own 15-inch flat-screen television. Besides the usual on-screen flight pattern progress and in-flight movie fare, Mint TV offers passengers 100 channels of DirecTV and an additional 100 SiriusXM channels. There is space to hang your coat and a "wake me for service" indicator light. In the single person suites you'll also find an easy to use console with seat adjustments and a remote control for the TV, a large, private storage compartment, several netted holders, and two 3-way lamps.

If 200 channels of television and radio programming aren't enough to keep you busy, there are also two USB ports and two AC power cord sockets for your personal devices. Work on your computer while charging your iPad and smartphone. You can even brag about your Mint experience in real time on Facebook using JetBlue's complimentary in-flight Ka-band satellite Fly-Fi. You'll be able to surf the net, send e-mails, or hang out on social media with the free in-flight Fly-Fi. If you want to upload a video to Instagram or watch Netflix from your laptop, you can upgrade your bandwidth for $9 per hour.

Mint's Fresh Fare in the Air is a Unique Culinary Experience

Jokes about airline food do not apply here. Right now, JetBlue's Mint in-flight eastbound dining features a rare partnership with Manhattan's gourmet restaurant, Saxon + Parole. Their curated menu offers five small-plate dishes from the more familiar Ribeye and fingerling potatoes to signature dishes like corn custard and poached lobster. Yes, you read that right, lobster. The emphasis is on fresh and flavorful domestic meat and seafood with seasonal produce. Mint passengers choose three interesting dishes from the selection of five to create a personalized culinary adventure. Meals are topped off with fresh seasonal fruit and mint chocolate chip ice cream from Brooklyn's own organic Blue Marble Ice Cream shop.

Westbound brunch flights are equally tantalizing. Passengers again choose three items from the tapas-style menu, plus an appetizer, and dessert. Brunch selections range from French toast with figs and toasted pecans to their signature watermelon salad with feta, basil, toasted pumpkin seeds. The brunch appetizer is toasted brioche, and dessert features Blue Marble's lemon honey sorbet and seasonal fruit salad. Dining in either direction will make you wonder why no other airline has thought of this. Combine the unique food selections with impeccable service and it's easy to see why JetBlue named their first class Mint. JetBlue can now also offer Mint passengers the simple, but luxurious option of an authentic espresso with the addition of espresso machines.

JetBlue Mint Upscale Amenities Just Keep Giving

You may already be familiar with JetBlue's complimentary gourmet snacks from their famous Terra Blues potato chips to Dunkin' Donuts original hot coffee, and all their great snacks are still available, and still free. In addition to the array of snacks, the smooth and delicious Blue Marble organic ice creams, and the savory Saxon + Parole entrées, JetBlue makes the classy move to send Mint passengers off with a box of artisanal fresh treats from New York's Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, or what the bakery's owner refers to as "love in a box".

Departing Mint passengers also receive a complimentary gift box from JetBlue's partner Birchbox. The lifestyle and grooming products have been hand selected for the amenity kit and are personalized for both men and women. Kits include upscale products from specialty companies like Coola, Jack Black, and The Laundress. There are skin care products, hair products, and even a stain remover. With both Mah-Ze-Bar treats and the Birchboxes, JetBlue Mint passengers depart from flights like celebrities with swag bags in hand.

Although the superior seating may be the best part of the new JetBlue Mint cabins, the first-class experience starts before you ever board the plane. Mint passengers enjoy pre-boarding amenities as well with expedited check-ins at dedicated Mint queues, expedited screening with access to the fastest security lane, and the option of early boarding at the gate to be one of the first passengers on the plane. With all the in-flight luxuries ahead, of course Mint passengers will want to take advantage of these perks.

Even baggage is a Mint experience on JetBlue. Mint passengers are allowed two complimentary checked bags, as opposed to the standard single checked bag. Although there is no under-the-seat storage in the Mint cabin, passengers still have plenty of room overhead for a carry-on item and a personal item, not to mention all the storage space in single suite seats. Finally, the last perk Mint passengers can take advantage of is the preferred baggage claim check, which affords you the opportunity to be one of the first to collect your bags from the carousel.

JetBlue's Limited Mint Flights and Expansion Plans

JetBlue just began transcontinental Mint flights between JFK Airport in New York City and LAX Airport in Los Angeles. Westbound flights are mornings and eastbound flights are later in the day. The popular airline intends to offer Mint on all flights between JFK and LAX by August, add Mint flights between New York and San Francisco in October, and expand the service to more cities in 2015. The airline is rapidly gaining popularity among both passengers and investors as both the flight experience and the airline's overall profitability continue to improve at a pace faster than their competitors. It looks like they're on to something big!

Have you been one of the lucky passengers to take JetBlue's transcontinental Mint flight yet? It's getting 5-star reviews all over the place. Tell us what you thought of the experience.

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