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How do I renew a child's expired passport?

by Lara
(Monterey, CA)

Question: How do I renew a child's passport which expired a year ago? (We are a military family and had them issued on a military installation.)

Answer: A passport for a minor can be obtained by submitting Form DS-11 at a passport application acceptance facility. Acceptance facilities are usually found in local post offices, county clerk's offices or public libraries.

Along with the application form, you must submit proof of U.S. citizenship, proof of relationship to the child, personal identification, a photocopy of your identification document and one passport photo.

Both parents must appear with the minor. If only one parent can appear, then the applying parent must submit either a notarized consent form from the non-applying parent or evidence of sole legal custody.

For a child's passport book, the application fee is $80 and the execution fee is $25. Expedited service is an additional $60.

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Renewing a valid passport of a minor
by: Anonymous

Question: Can I renew a minor's passport even if it's still valid for a year and a half?

Answer: Passports issued to minors cannot be renewed. Having said that, you may apply for a child's new passport anytime.

Passport versus birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: When renewing a minor's passport, is the birth certificate still required?

Answer: Passports issued to minors cannot be renewed. You need to apply for a new passport for your child. While you may submit the child's expired passport as evidence of U.S. citizenship, you still need the birth certificate to establish parental relationship.

Passport renewal
by: Anonymous

Question: Do I have to get a new passport for my children that are over 16 and had passports from when they were children that expired already?

Answer: Passports issued to minors or when one was a minor cannot be renewed. Since your children are now over 16, they may apply for new passports on their own.

They can do this by filling out Form DS-11 and submitting it with the following:

1. Evidence of citizenship (birth certificate)
2. Proof of identity (driver's license)
3. Photocopy of ID
4. One passport photo
5. Payment for fees

These documents must be submitted in person at an acceptance facility so an agent an adjudicate the form and witness their oath and signature.

by: Anonymous

Question: So - the DS-11 is used for a minor if it's their first passport or a renewal of an expired one?

Answer: Yes, that is correct.

On Parent in the US
by: Anonymous

Question: What if the other parent has been deported to Mexico, how then does one get a notarized document from the other parent?

Answer: The parent can get the consent form and have it notarized at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

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