Important: Processing times recently changed for both routine and expedited passport applications.

U.S. Passport for a child living in Mexico.

by Tina
(Winnsboro, Texas USA)

Question: I need help getting my son back to Texas from Mexico. He went to live in Mexico with his father in 2000. The problem that I have is that his father is not on his birth certificate. I need to get my son home to me. I need some advice please. When my son went to Mexico to live, you did not have to have a passport. Now all of that has changed. I really need to get him a passport. But how do I do that if he is there, I am here and I am the only parent listed on the birth certificate?

Answer: The father can take his son to the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate in Mexico in order to obtain a passport for his child. An appointment is required.

Requirements for obtaining a passport for a minor include a completed form DS-11, an original birth certificate, one passport photo, evidence of your sole legal custody (birth certificate with only your name as parent), copy of your photo ID with signature and notarized consent or affidavit from you granting the father permission to apply for the passport.

The father may also be asked to submit the following documents:

* Prenatal Documents: including medical records and ultrasounds.
* Documents from hospital where the applicant was born (wrist bands, crib card, discharge orders).
* Photos of Pregnancy and From Hospital: Photos taken of mother during pregnancy and in the hospital before and after the birth.
* Proof of parents’ presence in the United States around time of birth of the applicant: job documents, earning statements, phone bills, tax returns, parents marriage certificate, family photos in the U.S., personal letters, birth certificates of siblings born in the United States, parents’ drivers licenses or State ID cards, census letter.
* Migratory document given when first entered to Mexico: travel consent signed by parent, if applicable.
* Photos of the applicant from birth to present.
* School records: transcripts, report cards, diplomas from elementary, high school, and university, school yearbooks, or class photos, current or expired ID’s.

Visit the American Citizens Services in Mexico

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How do I replace an expired child's passport in Okinawa, Japan?

by Chaiyaporn
(Armonk, NY 10504)

Question: How do I replace a child's expired passport in Okinawa, Japan? My nephew is a US national living in Japan with an expired passport.

Answer: Your nephew can obtain a new passport at the U.S. Consulate in Okinawa. The American Citizen Services section of the Okinawa consulate is open from Monday through Thursday, 8-11:30 a.m. and 1-3 p.m.

If it is an emergency, then he can just walk in. The following are considered emergencies by the ACS.

* Reporting the death, arrest of, or a missing American citizen, and accidents and illnesses involving American citizens

* Replacement of lost, stolen, or expired passports for those with an urgent need to travel

* Americans requiring emergency financial assistance to return to the United States

* American victims of criminal incidents

If there is no emergency, then your nephew needs to schedule an appointment before visiting the consulate.

Handwritten applications are no longer accepted at the consulate in Okinawa. Your nephew should complete the passport application form online and then print it off. In order to do this, he should use the Passport Application Wizard.

In order to get a passport for a child, both parents must appear with the minor. If both parents cannot appear, then one parent must appear and submit notarized consent from the non-applying parent or provide evidence of sole legal custody. If no parent can appear with the minor, then he should appear with an adult who can submit notarized consent form from the parents to obtain the passport.

U.S. Consulate in Okinawa Contact Information:

Phone: 098-876-4211
Fax: 098-876-4243

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Do I need 2 appointments renew the passports of my 2 children?

by Michael

Question: We have two children under 16 years old who were born in the US and do have a American passports but are now living with us in Germany. Their passports have expired by now. I am planning to travel into the US in summer and would like to extend the passports for both of them.

Do I need 2 appointments or is one appointment sufficient? If we need 2 appointments, can they be scheduled consecutively? As both parents need to be present, is it possible that the father appears with one child and the mother with the second child?

In addition, I would like to arrange for an extended stay of 6 months for my 15-year-old daughter so that she can stay with a US family and visit a high school. I do have written consent from the guest family and the guest school.

I assume that she can stay on her US passport and does not need a visa. Is this correct?

Answer: If the passports have already expired then they need to be renewed before traveling to the United States. They can only enter the U.S. with valid passports.

This can be done at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate general. Besides the embassy in Berlin, the U.S. has consular agencies in Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig and Munich. Information about hours of operation and appointments can be found on the embassy website.

U.S. Embassy in Berlin - Passports for Minors

Both parents must appear with minor children when applying for a passport or one parent must appear and submit a notarized consent form from the non-applying parent.

American citizens who possess a valid U.S. passport do not need a visa in order to enter and remain in the United States.

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How do I renew my child's passport in the UK?

by Page
(United Kingdom)

Question: I would like to renew my daughter's passport. We live in the UK. Is it necessary to come to the embassy or can it be done through the mail? Can you please advise and send me the appropriate forms?

Answer: Passports issued to minors cannot be renewed by mail. One of the requirements for getting a passport for a child is that the child must appear in person with both parents or one parent must submit either a notarized consent form from the non-present parent or proof of sole legal custody.

You need to make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy and take the appointment confirmation sheet with you to the appointment. The link for the online appointment system is given below.

Along with application form DS-11 (do not sign until requested to do so by an agent), you must present the following:

* Your child's most recent United States passport
* Any foreign passport that your child may currently hold, have held, or been included in
* Name change documentation if your child's name has changed
* One passport photograph

If your child's most recent passport was issued under the age of 5, you should present photo age progression from the age in the previous passport to the present age.

The application fee is U.S. $80.00 plus $25 execution fee.

You also have to provide a self-addressed, prepaid Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope (available at any UK Post Office) in which to have your documents returned to you once processing is completed.

Schedule Appointment for Passport Renewal

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U.S. passports for minors taken to Mexico without passports.

by Emendo
(Parker, PA, USA)

Question: I am living in the United States but took my sons to Mexico when they were 3 and 5 years old. We registered them in Mexico as dual citizens and did not get a passport for them when we left because it wasn't needed then. They are now 14 and 16 years old and want to come live with me in the United States. Do they need passports to return to the US even if they didn't get one to go into Mexico? Will their dual citizenship interfere with them getting a passport at the American Embassy in Mexico?

Answer: Your sons need valid U.S. passports in order to return to the United States. Their dual citizenship will not be a barrier to obtaining passports at the American Embassy in Mexico.

They both need to appear at the American Embassy or a nearby U.S. consulate. Although the 16-year-old only needs to appear with one parent, the 14-year-old must appear with both parents. If only one parent can appear, that parent must submit notarized consent from the non-applying parent. If a third party takes your sons to apply for their passports, that person must submit notarized consent and copies of identification documents from the parents.

Requirements to obtain a new passport include a completed Form DS-11, a valid ID, copy of the ID, evidence of U.S. citizenship and a recent passport photo. To get a passport for your youngest son, you also need to submit evidence of relationship such as the birth certificate. Click the link below for more information.

Apply for Passports in Mexico

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Can my daughter still enter US before her passport expires?

by Suki
(Hong Kong)

Question: We are residing in Hong Kong. My daughter is ten years old. We plan to spend our two-month summer vacation back in the US. Her passport is going to expire in July. But we will enter the US before its expiration date and then she will renew the passport in the US. Some countries/ airlines may require six-month validity of passport to go on board. Will she have any problems entering the US then?

Answer: An American citizen can re-enter the United States up to the expiration date of his or her passport.

Since you will only be in the U.S. for a period of two months, you should apply for a new passport for your daughter soon after you arrive. Routine processing of passport applications takes 4-6 weeks. It can take longer if there is an unexpected increase in applications submitted or if some problem arises with your documents.

If you have time, it may be more expedient to apply for your daughter's passport at the American consulate in Hong Kong. Processing through the consulate only takes 10 business days. In order to get the passport expedited within two weeks in the U.S., you would have to visit a regional agency and pay the expedited service fee. Click the link for more information.

Passport for Minor in Hong Kong

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Obtaining US passports for my children born overseas

by Cory
(Dublin, Ireland)

Question: I am an American living in Ireland. My 2 babies were born here in Ireland but I would like to obtain American passports for them. I can do that here in Ireland at the American embassy but I believe it is less expensive for us to do it in the States.

My question is this: if I travel to America with the babies and their Irish passports, will there be any problem in getting them their American passports when they're in the States? While we are waiting for the passports to be processed, we plan to travel back to Ireland, again with the babies under their Irish passports. Traveling back and forth to America with the babies having Irish passports will in no way infringe upon them being able to obtain American passports, will it?

Answer: According to the Department of State, all U.S. citizens, even dual citizens/nationals, must enter and depart the United States using his/her U.S. passport. Therefore, you need to obtain passports for your children before traveling to the United States.

Note, the cost of obtaining a passport for a minor is the same in Ireland as it is in the United States. There are two fees which include an application fee of $100 and an execution fee of $25 for a total of $105 for each application for a minor.

For a list of requirements, click the link below.

Minor Passport at U.S. Embassy in Dublin

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How to get a US passport for a baby born in India to a Tibetan mother?

by Leon
(Seattle, Wa)

Question: I was visiting India and met a Tibetan woman, we spent much time together and we now have a new baby.

I came back to the US for 3 months and returning to India on February next year. I have some information on how to obtain the baby's passport such as birth certificate and records of going to the doctor. I have found her a nice apartment and have records from the owner that I rented it.

I need information on how long it takes to get the passport and how much it costs. The baby is 1 month old, when should we take her to the American embassy in Delhi?

Thanks for your help.

Answer: You can visit the American embassy as soon as you have all the required documents. There is no set wait period. You are encouraged to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad for your child. You can apply for this and the passport for your child at the same time as well as a Social Security card.

When you have all the documents ready, you need to schedule an interview at the embassy. You must take the following original items:

* Proof of identity and citizenship.
* Child's original birth certificate issued by the local authorities (including English translation, if applicable).
* Two photos of the child, 2" x 2" in size and taken against a light background.
* Prenatal and hospital records.
* Marriage certificate or other proof of relationship prior to the child’s conception.
* Evidence of five years of physical presence in the U.S.

Passport fees for a child include an application fee of $80 and an execution fee of $25 or $105 total. The fee for the Consular Report of Birth Abroad is $100.

For a more detailed list of requirements and a link to schedule the interview, click the link below.

U.S. Embassy in India - Reporting Birth and Passports

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What does my sister need to obtain a passport for my son in Guam?

Question: My son will turn 15 years old on Feb. 10. He lives in Guam; what does he need to obtain a passport so he can come and live with me? His mother, whom I was not married to, had different last name and had passed away a month ago.

My older sister lives in Guam and wants to help my son obtain a passport. What can she do? (affidavit, consent form??). My name is on the birth certificate which he can provide, anything else?

Legal guardianship is out of the question due to cost and time. Thanks for your help and I'll be waiting for your answer.

Answer: Regular requirements for getting a minor's passport include a completed form DS-11 (unsigned), birth certificate and one passport photo.

There are some special requirements due to the situation. First of all, it will be necessary for your son to present the Death Certificate of his mother. Then your sister must submit a notarized written statement or affidavit from you that authorizes her to apply for a passport for your son.

Information about the U.S. Passport Office in Guam is provided below. Your sister may want to call to verify the address and discover if any additional documents will be required.

Department of Revenue and Taxation
1240 Route 16 Army Drive
Barrigada, Guam 96913

Tel. 671-635-8974

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday): Application Intake
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday): Passport or Application Pickup and Inquiries

Passport fees for a new passport include an application fee of $110 and an execution fee of $25.

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How do I get my baby's American passport renewed from Albania?

by Silvana
(Tirana, Albania)

Question: My baby is an American citizen. For the moment, he is living in Albania. His passport expires in October. Since we have to go back to the States right now with him, can I renew his passport now even though he's got 5 months ahead before his passport expires?

Answer: Yes, you can get a new passport for your baby at the U.S. Embassy in Tirana. In fact, passport processing is faster through the embassy in Albania than it is in the United States (7-10 days compared to 3-4 weeks).

Even though your child already has a passport, both parents are required to appear in person with the baby at the time the application is submitted. If one parent cannot appear, then the applying parent must submit either notarized consent Form DS-3053 granting permission to apply from the non-applying parent or a document that proves sole legal custody.

The application you need to submit is Form DS-11. You should complete the form but not sign it until an agent requests that you do so. Other requirements include evidence of your child's U.S. citizenship, parent's photo identification and proof of parentage. One recent passport photo is required.

The application fee for a passport book for a minor is $80 and the execution fee is $25. Click the link below to schedule an appointment.

Passport Processing in Tirana, Albania

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Can I apply for a passport in a city where we're not residents?

by Stephen
(Abymes, Guadeloupe, French West Indies)

I'm an American citizen living with my family in Guadeloupe - the French West Indies. My 11-year-old daughter's passport (issued in Paris, France) is about to expire. We hope to visit my family in Denver, Colorado in August. There's no U.S. Embassy or Consulate here in Guadeloupe.

Question 1: If she gets a French passport in time to leave in August (her mother is French), can I then renew her American passport in Denver in August? If yes, how long will it take?

Answer: An American citizen must present a valid passport when re-entering the United States. If your daughter's passport will expire prior to your departure date, it needs to be renewed before the trip.

Concerning processing time, routine service takes 4-6 weeks. Expedited service through a passport application acceptance facility takes 2-3 weeks. You can schedule an appointment at the Aurora Colorado Passport Agency and get the passport as quickly as the same day. Note, you can only schedule an appointment when you have 14 days or less before your departure date.

Concerning the fact that you are not residents of Colorado, additional identification documents are required.

Question 2: If she can't get a French passport in time or isn't allowed-for some reason- to renew it in Denver, I've read that it could be done in Barbados, West Indies. Are there other places (hopefully nearby) where this can be done? About how long does this take?

Answer: Click the link below for a complete list of U.S. embassies and consulates to find the one nearest you.

U.S. Embassy and Consulate General Lists

Question 3: My 9-year-old son's passport expires next year. Can it be renewed in advance (In Denver, Barbados, etc.) in order to avoid these hassles?

Answer: Yes, it can be renewed early.

For a complete list of requirements, please click the link below.

How to Apply for a Child's Passport

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What form is required when the child and mother are not present?

by Katharine
(Madison, WI)

Question: What form is required in a situation when the child and mother are not present but the father is?

The child needing a new passport is an American citizen (born in California to Egyptian parents). The child is now 7 years old, living in Egypt. The mother lives with the daughter in Egypt. The father is in the US for a sabbatical of 6 months and will return to Egypt.

The father has the child's original passport, her birth certificate, her SS#, and a recent picture. He has his own passport and visa.

I understand there is a form that must be signed by the mother, authorizing the father to obtain a passport for the child.

Please advise me about this form - what is it, how do we get it, etc.

Answer: The father will not be able to apply for a passport for his child. One of the requirements is that minors under age 16 must apply in person. Either the mother needs to apply for the child at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and submit a notarized consent form from the father or wait until the father returns to Egypt so that they can both appear.

U.S. Embassy Cairo
5 Tawfik Diab Street
Garden City, Cairo
telephone (20) 2-2797-3300

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Who do I meet with in Vancouver to get passports for my two infants?

by Heather
(Vancouver, B.C)

Question: To whom it may concern:

I am in Vancouver with my husband doing a study abroad. We will be here for four weeks. We bought flights up here however weren't allowed to board those flights because I didn't have passports for my two infants. We flew to Seattle instead and drove across the border showing my boys' birth certificates as identification.

We do not have a car here, and want to fly back home. It was too much work taking shuttles, buses, and taxis everywhere. I'm aware that minors need to apply in person. Where do I go and is it possible to get them passports within a month's time?

Answer: You can apply for the passports at the U.S. Consulate General in Vancouver. The first step is to make an appointment. Click the link below to access the online form.

Make Appointment at U.S. Consulate - Vancouver

Then, you need to complete the online passport application form for each child. The form to be completed is Form DS-11. Note, the application should not be signed until the agent at the consulate requests that it be done.

Along with the application form, you need to present evidence of United States citizenship, evidence of relationship to your infants, photo ID of parents, photocopy of identification documents and one passport photo each.

When applying for passports for minors, both parents are required to appear. If only one parent can appear, then the applying parent must submit notarized consent from the non-applying parent.

There is a passport application fee of $80 and execution fee of $25 for each application.

Processing times at U.S. embassies and consulates vary. The website of the U.S. embassy in Canada states that turn around time is 4 weeks. You can contact the Vancouver Consulate in order to verify current processing time.

If processing time is longer than you have to obtain the passports, they may be able to issue limited-validity emergency passports for your children.

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How can grandparents get a passport for my 8 year old stepson?

by Luvn M@ family
(Fresno, Ca)

Question: My stepson is in Mexico and wants to visit for summer break. What do his grandparents need to get a passport for him?

Answer: The grandparents must appear with the child at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate General and submit the following documents.

1. Completed, but unsigned form DS-11
2. Evidence of U.S. citizenship (such as your stepson's certified birth certificate)
3. Notarized written statement or affidavit from BOTH of the child's parents authorizing the grandparents to apply for a passport (If only one parent has sole custody, a written statement or affidavit from this parent is required.)
4. Acceptable photo ID
5. Photocopies of the identification documents presented
6. One recent passport photo (2x2 inches, white background, taken within the last 6 months)
7. Payment for fees

For more information, click the appropriate link below.

How to Get a Child's Passport

U.S. Embassy and Consulate List

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How do I get a US passport for my daughter who is in India?

by Swati
(Montgomery, AL)

Question: How do I get a renewed passport of my U.S. citizen daughter who is in India now with her grandparents? We, her parents, are in the USA.

My U.S. citizen daughter's passport will expire in June this year so we want to renew it. The problem is that she is with her grandparents in India. They are taking care of her. Both parents are in the USA.

Is it possible to renew her US passport in India without her parents? What documents are needed to renew it? Kindly guide me through it.

I appreciate your reply in advance.

Answer: The grandparents must appear in person with the child at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate and present all the regular requirements plus a notarized written statement or affidavit from both parents authorizing the grandparents to apply for a passport.

For a list of all requirements, please visit the following web page.

How to Apply for a Child's Passport

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Can my 5yr old child travel back to the US with an expired passport?

by Ashley

Question: I am in Saudi Arabia with my 5-year-old son whose passport expired last October. I want to travel on December 10 back to the States with him. It will take a bit longer before I can get the father's consent from the States. Can this minor travel back with an expired passport? Mine is still valid.

Answer: All American citizens must travel with a valid passport, independent of age. You should apply for a new passport for your son before you travel or obtain an emergency passport for him at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate General.

The father can obtain the consent form online, complete it, print it off, have it notarized and, then, send it by express mail. You could actually receive it in time to get your son's passport.

For more information, click the appropriate link below.

Minor Passport at U.S. Embassy in Riyadh

Passport Service at U.S. Consulate in Dhahran

Passport Services at U.S. Consulate in Jeddah

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Expedited Passport Information for Unborn Baby in Australia

by MAP
(Ocean, NJ, USA)

Question: My son (American citizen) and his wife (British citizen) live on assignment in Sydney, Australia. Their first daughter has a US passport. However, they are expecting a 2nd child in November and they plan to go to England and the USA for Christmas/New Years. They need to know what they must do to obtain a passport for the new as yet unborn baby, once the baby is born. Can you advise what they need to do to do this quickly? They would file now but not knowing birth date, etc., it's a bit hard! Many thanks!

Answer: Your son and his wife cannot apply for the passport until the baby is born. They must appear with the child at the U.S. Consulate General in Sydney in order to submit the application. They can also apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and a Social Security number at the same time. The child's birth certificate is required. The parents can register the birth at the NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages in Sydney. Turnaround time is 4 weeks. Your son should contact the registry department to see if they offer expedited services.

NSW Registry of Births
GPO Box 30
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.30pm
Tel: 13 77 88

Processing time for passports at the consulate in Sydney is 10-15 business days. If they need a passport faster, they might be able to obtain an emergency, limited-validity passport. Click the link below for more information about getting a U.S. passport in Australia.

Passport for Minor

Report of Birth Abroad

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