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France Travel Sites

France is acknowledged to be one of the most visited countries in the world. It has almost everything that you wish to see on your vacation. This country is famous worldwide due to many reasons, such as: it is a home for numerous majestic castles; it is the hub of culture in Europe; it is where you can see the famous Eiffel Tower of Paris and many other cultural and historical landmarks. Now, plan ahead for your dream vacation in this country but first visit these travel guide sites below so that you will be 100% prepared once you hit France. Don't forget to learn some of the language to make the most of your trip. Click here for a Free French Course

Travel Sites about France

Just France
See for yourself everything France has to offer by means of visiting this travel site. Just France travel guide is your one stop directory wherein you will be presented with comprehensive facts and tips during your entire stay in the country.

France This Way
A travel site named Visit France guides vacationers in experiencing France at its best. This travel guide gives complete information to all the prospective visitors so that they will know the way of life in France.

France Guide
An online travel site with abundant information on all French metropolitan areas. Browse this travel guide to have an overview of what you should expect and do while in France.

FREE French Lessons
One of the bestselling French courses available offers a free 6-day trial. Take advantage of this offer to learn a few important French phrases. Knowing some of the language can make a big difference in your France vacation experience.

Travel Sites about Cities in France

Places in France
If you are planning to visit some well-known French landmarks, try visiting This travel guide highlights the city of Paris, and provides thorough tourist information regarding different places and attractions in France.

Paris City
Paris, located in northern France at the hub of the Paris Region, is the largest and capital city of France. With the help of this travel site, visitors are now free provided with complete information about Paris’ metropolis, sightseeing, art and rich culture.

Tour Eiffel
Eiffel Tower, also known as The Iron Lady, was constructed in 1889 and become the international icon of France. Visit this site to get suggestions, information and images on what to expect from your visit in Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Referred as the second largest city of France, Marseille is a home to excellent museums, unique culture, dazzling sceneries, hospitable people, and a metropolis of loads of attractions. Learn more about the said attractions and factual information by browsing this travel site.

Ot Montpellier
Many people are captivated by the glorious city of Montpellier. This travel site is designed, primarily, to give guidance to those who want to visit Montpellier.

One of the tourist attractions in France, Musee du Louvre was established in 1793 and currently acknowledged as the "museum among museums”. Learn more about this museum with the use of information being provided in the website.

Musee Orsay
Musee d’Orsay is one of the best museums not only in Paris but also around the world. Browse this site to see how magnificent Musee d’Orsay is and be convinced to visit it to see the place yourself.

Chateau Versailles

Chateau Versailles, also named Palace of Versailles, is regarded as one of the most well known landmarks in France. Visit this site to see how terrific this stunning tourist attraction is.

Fontainebleau Tourisme
The city of Fontainebleau is known to be one of the largest royal residences in France. Uncover this municipality’s beauty by dropping by on this travel site.

Sacr-Cœur Basilica, also known as Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, is a popular attraction and a Roman Catholic Church in Paris, France. You will see on this official website the complete information about the basilica.

Cathedrale De Paris
Another famous spiritual landmark is Notre Dame de Paris that is regarded to be as one of the best exemplar of French Gothic architecture. If you’re interested in visiting the cathedral, drop by on this informative site to learn and discover this holy place.

Arc de Triomphe Paris
The Arc de Triomphe Paris is considered to be the most colossal of all triumphal arcs because it is made to give respect for those who fought for the country of France.  Learn more about Paris and visit this monumental place.

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