Important: Processing times recently changed for both routine and expedited passport applications.

Express Passport Expediting Service

Express passport processing is perfect for travelers in a hurry. Webster's dictionary defines "express" as "to be delivered without delay". That means you get your passport returned fast.

There are several reasons you might opt for express passport service. It could be your departure date is only a few days away and you just realized you need to replace your expired passport. It happens. If you don't travel often, your passport probably gets stored for long periods of time. The expiration date can easily slip by.

Another reason some travelers request express processing of their passport is because a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel abroad comes up and they don't even have a passport. Maybe they find an incredible deal on a dream destination that they just can't pass up. Maybe they win a sweepstakes prize that includes an all-inclusive trip.

Finally, you may be facing an emergency situation that requires you travel immediately and express service is your only option. Crises come at unexpected moments. You are never quite ready for them. You may need to visit a family member who is critically ill or provide assistance in the rescue operations after a natural disaster.

Express Passport Expediting

Express passport service reduces the processing time by weeks. You can wait up to six weeks or more to get your passport through normal processing. Expediters are professional courier services that take your application and supporting documents to the passport processing center, pick up your travel document when it is ready and send it to you by mail. If necessary, many expediters offer to hand deliver the passport at the airport.

Passport expediting can be accomplished on the same day if needed. This is a little more difficult if you don´t live near one of the regional passport agencies but not impossible. Most expedited passports are returned within 2 to 10 days. You decide how fast you want your passport returned.

Apply for express passport service through an expediter and you will have peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional is working in your favor to make sure you get off on time. This is really important when you are making last-minute travel arrangements and need to focus on other things related to your trip.

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