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Does a 17 year old need both parents to apply for passport in NY?

by Kimberly
(Queens NY)

Question: Do I need both parents when applying for a passport? I'm 17 and live in NY. Also, can I apply for my 6-month-old daughter's passport alone or do I need an adult (father isn't listed on birth certificate by the way)? Since I'm 17, I would think I can't.

Please help fast. I NEED TO TRAVEL URGENTLY. I'm traveling with my 30-year-old cousin. Would I need some type of parental consent at the JFK airport or they don't always ask for that because my mother lives in Florida?

Answer: At 17, your parents are not required to appear with you when applying for a passport. However, parental consent may be requested by the passport agent when you apply.

You can submit the application for your daughter's passport as long as you meet the requirements and can present the necessary documents. For a complete list, click the link below.

Apply for Passport for Infant

Whether parental consent is required or not at JFK depends more on the airline you use than anything else. Check with the airline concerning the transporting of passengers who are minors.

Note, many countries require visitors who are minors to carry a notarized parental consent form. Check with the embassies for the places you plan to visit. The consent form should state that your parents grant you permission to travel with your cousin, stating his or her complete name.

Be aware that routine passport processing takes approximately 6 weeks. You can request expedited services to get the passport in 2-3 weeks. The only way to get them faster is to either visit the New York Passport Agency or employ the services of a professional passport expediting service.

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by: Anonymous

There's no need for both parent's appear in getting passport, all you have to do are appear in person at the time of application. Have a parent or guardian present photo identification if the minor does not have identification of his or her own. Provide a photocopy of the same ID document that will be presented at the time of application (applicant or parent/guardian). See photocopy requirements under STEP 4 of How to Apply for the First Time (In Person).Establish parental consent (You may be requested to provide written parental consent for a child age 16 or 17 if it is not implied on the application. I hope it would help..

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