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Do I need to apply for my passport in the state where I am a resident?

by Richard
(Columbus, ND)

Question: I am a Michigan resident but am working and living in North Dakota temporarily. I live 10 miles from the border in NW North Dakota and would like venture into Canada for hockey games.

Can I get a passport here because it is a national document or do I need to go back to Michigan to apply for one?

Answer: You can apply for a passport in any state, whether you are a resident or not.

Note, if you apply at an Acceptance Facility and submit out-of-state primary identification, you must present an additional ID document, as well. For example, if you apply in North Dakota with a Michigan Driver's License, you must present a second ID containing as much of the following information as possible: your photo, full name, date of birth and the document issuance date.

For a list of passport application acceptance facilities near you, click the link below.

North Dakota Passport Offices

For a complete list of requirements for obtaining a new passport, click the link below.

Apply for U.S. Passport

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Change of Address
by: Anonymous

Question: I recently moved from NY to FL. Do I have to submit a change of address. My current passport is still valid but I will be going on a transatlantic cruise next year and will be flying back from Europe.

Answer: There is no need to notify passport services about your change of address.

Single mom
by: Jack

Question: I have full custody of my 11-year-old. Her father moved to NC and I am in MA. Since she’s under age, can I still get her passport renewed with out her father being around?

Answer: Hello, Jack. The answer depends on what is covered by full custody. If it stipulates that you have SOLE LEGAL custody of the child, the father's consent is not required. Otherwise, you need a notarized consent from the father to apply for your child's new passport.

Passports issued to minors cannot be renewed. You need to apply for the new passport in person and the submit the same requirements you did to obtain the previous one.

Filling out in another state
by: Anonymous

Question: I'm going on a cruise in June and I need to get my passport for the first time. I live in Georgia, but I'm currently in Florida visiting my mom. Can I apply for a passport in Florida, or should I wait 2 weeks when I'm back in Georgia to take care of everything?

Answer: You can apply for your new passport in Florida. But since you will be presenting an out-of-state ID, you need to present another secondary ID.

You can also wait 2 weeks and do it when you get home. You have plenty of time before your planned trip.

Just moved to Virginia, still have an out of state license
by: John

Question: My wife, myself and our daughter are going on a cruise in December and need our passports. We still have our out of state licenses as we just moved to Virginia. This is not a renewal - these are first time passports. We don’t face a valid secondary photo ID, just birth certificates and social security cards. Can we get passports?

Answer: Hi, John. Your social security cards may serve as your secondary IDs to be presented with the rest of your application requirements.

Out of State
by: AnonymouswinnAnonymouswin

Question: I'm from Louisiana but I live in Mississippi. Can I get my passport there?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for a passport in Louisiana. But since you will be presenting an out-of-state ID, you will need to present an additional secondary proof of identity like your SS card.

I need a passport
by: Anonymous

Question: I am a 19-year-old female. I have a government-issued NV state ID but I currently live in NJ. I have my birth certificate (Michigan) and a SSC. I have proof that I’m a resident of NJ because I’ve had my bank statements sent to my address in NJ and I also have dental insurance which says NJ on it. Will it be possible to get a passport? If not, what do I have to get to be able to get a passport?

Answer: Since you will be presenting an out-of-state ID, you need to send another secondary ID like your SS card. In case passport services requires more, you may send other documents listed in the following page:

Proof of Identity

by: Anonymous

Question: Are mortgage documents and a current mortgage statement be acceptable? Also, since I am renewing, would the old passbook suffice for secondary ID in a different state?

Answer: If your old passport was issued in the last 15 years and when you were 16 or older and if it is undamaged, you may apply for a renewal by mail. Renewals do not require you to submit proof of identity.

by: Anonymous

Question: I am going to go get my passport. I live in NYC but I am going to a place in New Jersey that does Saturday walk-ins. I have a NY drivers license and my birth certificate. What other forms of ID is needed? I do not have anything else with my picture. Will a W-2 be okay and/or page 1 and 2 of 1040?

Answer: Since you will be presenting an out-of-state driver's license, you need to present a secondary proof of identity. The following documents are acceptable:

-State-issued non-driver ID
-Social Security card
-Learner's or temporary driver's permit
-Voter registration card
-Employee ID
-Student ID
-Selective Service (draft) card
-Medicare or other health card
-Expired driver's license
-Membership card in a local social organization or club
-Rental contracts
-Mortgage documents
-Auto registrations
-Traffic tickets & violations

Contradicting information
by: Anonymous

Question: I was visiting family recently in Carson City, Nevada, and was able to retrieve my birth certificate while in town. The lady at the post office that issues passports would not process my first time passport application because I have a TX driver's license and apparently they do not do "out of state passports" even if I provided additional identification to confirm my identity. She told me I had to be a resident of the state in which I was applying for a passport.

Answer: Your out-of-state driver's license should have been accepted since you provided additional identification. You may send feedback to Passport Services to report the incident.

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