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Condor Passport Service

Condor Passports no longer exists as a passport expediting service. Formerly located in Miami Springs, FL. and offering corporate rates including pick up and delivery, photos and much more, they have gone out of business. U.S. Passport Service Guide continues to recommend It's Easy, an expediter with more than 30 experience in expedited passport services.

Passport Services Offered

 New Passport
 Passport Renewal
 Lost or Stolen Passport
 Child Passport
 Name Change
 Mutilated Passport
 Second Passport
 Extend Validity

Condor Passport processing fees

1-2 Day Process - $120.00 + Gov. fees

3-4 Day Process - $90.00 + Gov. fees

5-6 Day Process - $60.00 + Gov. fees

Travel Visa processing

Visa processing fees

1-2 Day Process - $120.00

3-4 Day Process - $90.00

5-6 Day Process - $60.00

Forms of Payment

Credit Card


Contact Information

  • Address: Condor Passports & Visas Service | 4491 NW 36TH ST # G | Miami Springs, FL 33166
  • E-mail: Contact Form on web site.

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