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China Visa - Single Entry, Double Entry or Multiple Entry?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China offers three entry options for tourists, crew members and those who wish to do business in China. When applying for a travel visa, you can choose between single entry, double entry and multiple entries. Let's take a look at each one. 

Single Entry Visa

If permission is granted by an immigration official at the port of entry, travelers who possess a single entry China visa will be allowed to enter the country one time and one time only. If this is the type of visa you have and you depart from China, you may not enter again without obtaining another visa.

Double Entry Visa

A double entry visa allows you to enter China upon official authorization up to two times during the same trip. This type of visa is usually requested by a traveler who plans to leave China to visit or do business in another nearby country and then go back to China before returning to his or her country of origin.

Once your single or double entry visa is granted, you have three months to enter China. You can stay up to a total of 30 days within the country.

Multiple Entry Visa

A multiple entry China visa is usually requested when you plan to make more than one trip to China within a given period of time. You can request a multiple entry visa with validity of up to 10 years, in which case the passport must have remaining validity of 12 months. The fee is the same independent of the duration of the visa.

It is not necessary to obtain a Chinese visa if you have a stop in China that is less than 24 hours. If for some reason you must stay longer than 24 hours before catching your connecting flight, you will need to acquire a transit visa. A transit visa allows you to remain in China for up to 19 days.

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