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Collection of the Best China Travel Links

With several millenia of history and a unique culture and language, China has one of the most influential and longest running of civilizations. In addition to its long period of imperial dynastic rule, China has also more recently witnessed one of the world's most audacious experiments in communism. Presently, the People's Republic of China's land area is the third-largest in the world, and since the onset of the reform era in 1978, the country's economic and political significance has been steadily building. The sites listed in each category of this selective portal page have been chosen for their utility in providing accurate information and resources on all aspects of Chinese culture, history, society, politics, science, and more. Also provided are a number of news sites and online newspapers with the most up-to-date China-related information. Most sites are English-only or bilingual, and a few are marked as Chinese-only. The Complete China Travel Guide
A travel agency that specializes in China since 1959. Website contains a lot of useful tour and culture information.

Business in China

China's policy of reforming its economy and opening its markets to the outside world has led to explosive changes in the fields of business and commerce. Evidence of these recent developments can be found in this selection of websites. For insight into how the government of the People's Republic views and guides various aspects of China's economic expansion, see the links to official ministries and other financial institutions. These links constitute about half of those listed on this page. The other sites provide a variety of information on China's economy assessments of its commercial environment. China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC).
Features the China Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC). Includes speeches, policy information, and publication descriptions. Details individual departments, laws and regulations, and statistics.
Chinese DrawingChinese Mask Ancient Chinese Book

Chinese Culture

"Chinese culture" is a broad term that encompasses China's language, literature, music, theater, art, and architecture, all of which have undergone thousands of years of development. In addition to sites on these traditional forms of Chinese culture, this pathfinder also links to sites about more recent cultural forms, such as contemporary art and music and propaganda posters from the Maoist era. Chinese characters and culture
Developed by Rick Harbaugh, the web site contains the complete searchable web version of his "Chinese characters: a genealogy and dictionary" and other culture related materials, such as "300 Tang poems", Chinese dynasties, etc. All Chinese characters are linked to the corresponding entry of the Dictionary.

History of China

China Historical GIS
The China Historical Geographic Information System (CHGIS) was launched on January 8th 2001, with funding from the Luce Foundation. The CHGIS established a database of historical administrative units for different periods in Chinese History, and will also provide a base GIS platform for researchers to use for spatial analysis, temporal statistical modeling, and representation of selected historical units as digital maps. The objective of the site is to create a flexible tool that can be used to investigate geographically specific data related to China. This page requires frames. It can be viewed in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Chinese Language

On-line Chinese tools
Provides tools to assist people in learning and using the Chinese language.

Recreation and Travel

CDC Health Information for Travelers to China
Official U.S. government health recommendations for traveling to China. Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Columbus World Travel Guide.net - China
Columbus Publishing of London, England, presents general travel information about China, located in Asia, as part of its World Travel Guide.net resource. The information describes the area, population, capital, geography, language, government, religion, communications, and population density of China. This is also a good resource for those interested in traveling to China, with information on passports and visas, travel to, from, and within China, accomodation, currency, and health. Clicking the "Cities" tab on the site's main menu also allows you to access pages about Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Apply online to get your China travel visa quickly. Expedite Your Passport Now!