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Travel with newborn infant (Has dual citizenship)
by: Mo

Question: My 1-month-old newborn son is a US citizen (also Egyptian) and has a US birth certificate. However, given the current situation we are unable to obtain a US passport. Can he use the Egyptian passport to get out of the country? Will there be any problems when re-entering the US?

Answer: Your son may be able to leave the country with a foreign passport but he needs to re-enter the United States with a U.S. passport. You will then have to apply for the child's passport at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo before you travel back.

by: Anonymous

Question: How old does a baby have to be to travel out of country?

Answer: A newborn baby may travel out of the country as long as he/she already has the proper travel documents like a passport (any destination) or birth certificate (for travel to and from Canada only).

by: Ray

Question: Please. I want to set an alert on my son's passport issuance but I don't have access to his birth certificate as the mother wouldn't want to release it. The only documents I can lay my hand on is my wife's employment card and my passport data page. I will appreciate it if my request receives favor. Thank you.

Answer: You may contact the vital records office of the city where your child was born to secure a copy of his birth certificate.

What punishment
by: Anonymous

Question: I will also like to know what is the punishment if the mother of a child is trying or succeeded in taking a child out of the U.S. unlawfully. Thanks.

Answer: Please speak to an attorney regarding sanctions and/or punishments. You may also call 1-888-407-4747 for more information about parental child abduction.

Enqiry on how to place alert on my son passport
by: Mr Ray

Question: Good day officer in charge,
                                               Please. I will like to seek your indulgence on my case. My wife gave birth to my son in Indiana and after which she got carried away by everything she sees around.

She said to me "Honey, you know what ? I'm not interested in the marriage again." I am in Africa while she's still in the U.S. enjoying another man. Our son bears my surname, while she still bears her own parent's name. I don't trust her because she's capable of processing our son's passport without my consent. How can I place an alert on him to prevent her from taking my son out of the U.S. without my consent? His birth certificate is still with her, but I have my wife's employment card detail if need be. Please. How can I use this medium to stop her? Thank you.

Answer: If you are listed as the child's father in the birth certificate and there is no court order awarding her sole legal custody of the child, the mother cannot apply for the child's passport without your consent.

As for the alert, you may enroll your child under the Children's Passport Issuance Alert Program so you will be notified if an application for a passport is submitted in your son's name.

Baby shares different name with mum
by: Junior

Question: Please my baby carries the father surname not my own surname name as it on my passport. Can I still travel with him to meet his father in Canada. Thanks.

Answer: Yes, you can travel with your child to Canada. If he does not have a passport yet, you may bring his birth certificate instead. As long as your name on his birth certificate and the name on your passport match, there should be no issue.

I'm the only parent on my son's birth certificate
by: Anonymous

Question: I want to travel out of the U.S with my 3 year old son. He has his U.S passport. But I'm only on his birth certificate not the father. Also my son has my last name not his fathers. What if I dont know where his father is or have any contact with him. I can not travel with my son then without his consent? What can I do then?

Answer: Airlines and countries have different rules about one parent traveling with a minor child. Please contact the airline and the embassies of the countries you plan to visit for answers to your question.

Emergency passport to travel abroad.
by: Aliyah ledesma

Question: I have a one-month-old baby. She need to undergo immediate operation in Canada due of her critical situation, as the doctor said. Does she need a passport or visa to travel abroad?

Answer: A passport is required for international travel by air. A visa may be required. For information about travel to Canada, visit the Canada Border Services Agency.

Constitution of India does NOT allow dual citizenship
by: gayathri

Despite all the news coverage and excitement over this issue, please understand clearly that the Constitution of India does NOT allow dual citizenship, i.e., holding Indian citizenship and citizenship of a foreign country simultaneously.

Government of India decided to grant Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) which most people mistakenly refer as 'dual citizenship'. Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) of certain category who migrated from India and acquired citizenship of a foreign country other than Pakistan and Bangladesh, are eligible for grant of OCI as long as their home countries allow dual citizenship in some form or the other under their local laws.

If you get OCI, it is NOT same as being regular Indian citizen:

You do not get Indian passport.

No voting rights.

Can not be candidate for Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/Legislative Assembly/Council

Can not hold constitutional posts such as President, Vice President, Judge of Supreme Court/High Court etc.

Cannot normally hold employment in the Government.

As OCI, you get following benefits:
Multiple entry, multi-purpose life long visa to visit India;

Exemption from reporting to Police authorities for any length of stay in India; and

Parity with NRIs in financial, economic and educational fields except in the acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties.

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