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Discover Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia CliffsHome to the country's Hindu community, this island lies between Lombok on the east and Java on the west. Bali, Indonesia is among the thirty-three provinces in the archipelago with the municipality of Denpasar as capital. All over the nation, Bali is considered to be one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia which is highly renowned for the arts such as music, painting, metalworking, sculpture and dance, among the others.

History of Bali

Archaeologists believed that Bali, Indonesia was inhabited since the primordial age where likes of the Homo Sapiens were thought to exist. The first race was said to have arrived in Bali around 3000 BC as they traveled through mainland Asia before reaching the archipelago of Indonesia. In close proximity to the village of Cekik which is located in the western part of the island, stone tools were discovered that actually dated back to the period earlier mentioned.

By 100 BC, natives from India began to establish themselves in Bali, Indonesia. Not for long, these foreigners contributed much to the agricultural system of the island. The complex irrigation method locally dubbed as "subak" was developed in order for rice to grow. Until this juncture, there are obvious traces seen around Bali which were largely influenced by the cultural traditions and religious practices brought by the Indians that settled in Indonesia many years back.


From east to west, the island is roughly 153 kilometers wide while from north to south, it is 112 kilometers wide. Bali, Indonesia has an overall land area of 5,633 square kilometers. If you can visit Indonesia, do not miss out the highest point of Bali which is Mount Agung at 10, 308 feet. It is considered to be an active volcano that was reported to have erupted on March of 1963. There is also Mount Batur which explosion many centuries ago, is regarded to be one of the biggest catastrophic events on the planet.

Bali, Indonesia is watered by shallow seas and shaped by alluvial plains that explain its natural beauty. Surrounded by coral reefs, the island is also blessed to have beaches with white powdery sands in the south and black fine sands in the west. When you proceed to the town of Padangbai, you will see both on the blue lagoon. Pasut and Klatingdukuh are also a must for you to visit.

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