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Passport Renewal at NY Passport Agency

by bZerk Billionaire
(New York)

Question: I am traveling to South Africa in 3 days. My passport expires on October 3rd. I am in New York (my departure city), but I live in Atlanta, GA. By walking into the New York Passport Agency, will I be able to keep my old passport to use on my trip to South Africa?

Answer: Expedited passport renewal at the NY Agency is only necessary if one of the following apply to your situation.

1) Your passport has less than two blank visa pages remaining. South African immigration officers require travelers to have two blank pages.

2) Your passport will expire less than 30 days after your stay in South Africa. A passport valid for 30 more days after the intended return date from South Africa is a basic requirement to enter the country.

If you need to get your passport renewed before your trip, you can apply at the New York Passport Agency as long as you meet all the criteria. You will need your current passport, a recent passport photo, completed Form DS-82 and evidence of your travel date. Besides the application fee, you will be required to pay the expedited service fee.

You will not be able to keep your old passport to travel to South Africa but a new one will be issued to same day or, at the latest, the following day. The old passport will be invalidated and returned to you.

As a general precaution, all travelers to South Africa are advised to carry a photocopy of the photo/bio information page of their passport and keep it in a location separate from their passport.

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