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How long will it take to get my name changed passport?

by Maggie
(Bremerton, WA)

Question: I realize that there are expediters for name changes on passports.

1)I have recently been legally married and have changed my name.

2)My current passport is over 1 year old

I am just wondering what the turn around time is for a new passport with my married name provided I send in all appropriate materials.

Thanks in advance.

Answer: The time it takes to process an application for a passport name change depends on the method you use to get it done. Following is a list of options with processing times.

» Routine service by mail - 4 to 6 weeks

» Expedited service by mail - 2 to 3 weeks

» Expedited service at Seattle Passport Agency - couple of days to same day

» Professional expediting service - 10 days to same day

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Be cautious with timing of next international trip
by: Karen B

Comment: Just make sure you don't plan an international trip before you get your new name passport. (They take your old one). I was quoted 10-15 business days if expedited.

Response: Good advice. Planning an international trip before you have a valid passport can result in frustration if there any delays in the process and you have to reschedule or, worse, cancel your trip. It is always best to apply for a passport early.

Processing times for both standard and expedited service are estimates. There are many things that can affect the total time it takes to process a passport application. Registered expediters can usually obtain passports within the stipulated time you request.

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