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How do I get same day passports for children if I live in South Carolina?

by Maurice
(South Carolina)

Question: I live in South Carolina. I am in the army stationed in Korea and I came home to get my wife and kids. I want to know if there is anyway I could come to an office nearby, do all the paperwork and pick up the passport the same day for 2 kids. They are age 3 and 2.

Answer: There are only two ways to get same day passports. One, you can personally visit a regional passport agency and submit the applications there. Two, you can get a professional expediting service to submit the forms for you.

The closest regional agency to you is the one in DC. Normally, you need to make an appointment by calling 1-877-487-2778. If there is no time to schedule the appointment and wait, you can just show up.

In order to get the passports, the children must appear with both parents at the agency. For a complete list of the forms and documents you need to submit, click the link below.

Applying for Child's Passport

For more information about the DC agency, click the link below.

Washington DC Passport Agency

If you are unable to travel to the DC agency yourself, you can get an expediter to submit the applications for you. Note, since you are applying for passports for minors, you and your wife will still have to personally appear before an official passport agency before sending the applications to the expediting service.

For a list of passport application acceptance facilities where you can do this, click the link below.

South Carolina Passport Offices

To apply for expedited service, click the link below.

Expedite Passports for Children

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